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Our Approach

We lead our clients through a simple three step process:

At FR Investment Group, we understand that every person and every situation is different. Our purpose is to understand your situation and unique goals, and from there, design a strategy personalized to what you need. We are more than just “the people who handle your money”. We believe that developing personal, life-long relationships with our clients is key to helping our clients reach their goals and achieve financial stability.

1. Initial Consultation<br/>

1. Initial Consultation

  • Discover financial goals
  • Review current situation
  • Discuss client's dreams
2. Financial Profile and Presentation

2. Financial Profile and Presentation

  • Review investment styles
  • Present initial profile
  • Adjust and confirm initial draft
3. Recommendation Presentation

3. Recommendation Presentation

  • Present financial recommendations
  • Confirm investment strategy
  • Create investment timetable